Day 9, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Farmers near Radium, in Stafford County, are taking their combine passes in the fields slowly as they cut through dense, tough and abundant straw. Yields in the area are expected to be higher than average, but some fields did see freeze damage.

Ag Secretary, Lawmakers Discuss Crop Insurance

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue recognized crop insurance as an important part of the farm safety net and said the program is critical to the country's food security during recent Senate testimony about the proposed USDA budget.

Day 8, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

While farmers in central Kansas may be celebrating good harvesting conditions and above average yields, farmers to the west are starting to cope with shattered harvest plans and wheat heads after a storm hurled up to softball sized hail on Tuesday night.

Trump Stops in Iowa

President Donald Trump pledged to include rural broadband in his infrastructure plan while in Iowa Wednesday. The President visited Kirkwood University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to talk agricultural technology,

Sorghum's Ability to Compensate for Poor Stand

One of the more difficult decisions growers must make is when to replant a crop. Fortunately, sorghum has the ability to compensate for poor initial stands or even from early season loss of plants due to hail or other adverse environmental or cultural ev

Day 7, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

On Day 7 of the Kansas Wheat Harvest reports, Combines are rolling on across Kansas as harvest slowly starts to inch north and west.

Winter Wheat Harvest over One Quarter Complete

According to USDA-NASS as of Sunday, 28 % of the Winter Wheat harvest is complete nationally, Kansas is 22% finished. Soybean planting 96% wrapped up and sorghum planting 86% complete. 67% corn is good/excellent.

Day 6, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Hot and muggy are terms that could be used to describe farmers morning coffee needs, but these terms are also a perfect description of the state of the states wheat harvest.

Day 5, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

It's a race against storm fronts for many Kansas farmers who can take advantage of dry fields and mature wheat before the rain, and potential hail, falls.

Peterson Farm Brothers release "Residue"

The Peterson Farm Brothers have released have released their latest video "Residue," a parody of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You."

Day 4, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Mother Nature decided to hit pause on the Kansas wheat harvest with brief showers across the state. Fortunately for many western and central Kansas farmers, combines only came to a stop for a brief interlude as the hot sun quickly dried fields off.

Trump's proposed budget would cut crop insurance options for farmers

Farmers giving Farm Bill testimony have stated their number one farm safety net is the crop insurance program. Crop insurance targets payments only to farmers who have losses caused by drought, heat, wind, hail and other weather perils.

Day 3, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Variability is the name of the game throughout Kansas as harvest progresses through the state. Yields, test weights and kernel characteristics in south central and south eastern Kansas remain slightly above average.

Final Acreage Reports Due July 15

In order to comply with FSA program eligibility requirements, all producers must file an accurate crop certification report by the applicable deadline. The final 2017 Kansas acreage reporting date is July 15, 2017.

Corn and soybean ratings lower than a year ago

The latest crop progress and condition report released on Monday shows 94 % of corn emerged. In Nebraska it is 98, Kansas 88. Corn condition is 67 good/excellent, last year is was 75. Nebraska 78 good/excellent, Kansas 65.

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