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Basic Usage

Include the following javascript at the bottom of your page, right before the </body> tag.

<script async src="http://agview.net/api/v1/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Include the following css (you can also ignore this and use your own CSS if you like) in the <head> area.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://agview.net/api/v1/widgets.css" media="screen" />

Use the following <div> tags in your site where you'd like the widgets to appear.

Current Weather Conditions

<div class="agview-widget" data-widget="weather" data-default-zip="68505"></div>


Attribute Options Notes
data-default-zip Any valid zipcode If you already have a cookie or other variable set to localize to your visitor, you can use that value to make your weather widget localized to your visitor. Otherwise, you should probably use your own city as the default zip code.


News Headlines

<div class="agview-widget" data-widget="headlines" data-limit="5" data-sections="crops, livestock"></div>
Attribute Options Notes
data-sections Comma separated list of categories you want included. Options include: crops, livestock, features, politics, opinion By default, this is not required and the most recent articles from all categories will be pulled into the widget
data-tags Comma separated list of tags you want included. By default, this is not required.
data-limit Number of stories to show on widget, maximum 20. The widget will pull in 10 stories if this is not specified.
data-include-thumbnailtrue or falseIf you do not want thumbnails, set this to false. By default, thumbnails will be included in the feed.
data-include-summary true or false If you do not want summaries, set this to false. By default, summaries will be included in the feed.


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