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Ryan Says Not Enough Votes to Pass TPP

House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week his chamber does not have the votes yet to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Currently, the trade agreement faces opposition from a majority of Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Obama's Proposed Budget Includes Crop Insurance Cuts

The Budget proposal released by the White House Tuesday includes a cut to crop insurance. The budget request to Congress calls for a ten-year, $18 billion cut to the federal crop insurance program.

Report shows rise in groundwater levels in Nebraska after multiple years of decline

From spring 2014 to spring 2015, water levels began to rise in Nebraska. Above-normal precipitation for much of the state and better water-use practices accounted for the rises, according to a new report.

Beef from Nebraska headed to Israel for first time in over a decade

WR Reserve, a beef processing company in Hastings, Nebraska, will send the first significant shipment of beef from the United States to Israel since that country placed a ban on U.S. beef imports in 2003.

The U.S. Beef Consumer: Getting to Know This Complex Individual State by State

Five people may provide five different routes to the same destination, and each of those routes may eventually end at the final point. But which route makes the most sense when all of the factors are considered?

NCTA at Curtis named in top 150

The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis has been named as a Top 150 two-year institution by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.

TPP countries sign trade deal

The United States and the other 11 countries that are part of it Wednesday formally signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, negotiations on which were concluded in early October 2015 after nearly five years.

The fight against broadleaf weeds in winter wheat

Most of the wheat and weeds are inactive during cold weather; however, that can quickly change in the Midwest. While broadleaf weeds are dormant, wheat producers can get a jump-start on managing them in winter wheat.

Nebraska Legislature Votes For Chickenization of Nebraska Hog Production

Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU) said that Legislatures 34-14 support for LB176 on final reading was consistent with the history of most corporate farming issues in the Nebraska Legislature over the last 50 years.

Mid-America Business Conditions Index Improves

The Creighton University Mid-America Business Conditions Index for January, a leading economic indicator for a nine-state region stretching from Arkansas to North Dakota, expanded for the first time since June of last year. Poll

With the current status of commodity prices, will you shift your acreage allotment on your farm for 2016?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on seed availability
  • I never make big changes


Contract Month Change Open High Low Last Updated
Corn (P) Mar 2016 unch 0-0 360-2 360-2 360-2s 02/11/16
Corn (P) May 2016 -0-2 0-0 365-0 365-0 365-0s 02/11/16
Soybeans (P) Mar 2016 +11-2 0-0 873-4 873-4 873-4s 02/11/16
Soybeans (P) May 2016 +10-6 0-0 877-6 877-6 877-6s 02/11/16
Wheat (P) Mar 2016 -3-0 0-0 458-2 458-2 458-2s 02/11/16
Wheat (P) May 2016 -1-4 0-0 463-4 463-4 463-4s 02/11/16
Live Cattle Feb 2016 -0.300 130.550 131.600 129.375 129.825 12:04
Feeder Cattle Apr 2016 -0.050 150.825 151.700 148.750 149.800 12:04
Lean Hogs Apr 2016 +0.925 69.500 70.775 69.275 70.375 12:04

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