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Public Lands Council has seen small victories but more challenges remain

When we think public lands, we think of the far reaches of the Mountain West region. In reality, public lands are all around us and the number of acres are growing.

Influencing the Influencers on Cattle Issues

Jennifer Houston, a livestock auction operator in Tennessee is serving as Chairman of the Policy Division. We talk influencing lawmakers, participation at the grass roots level and many issues on the agenda..

Trade Visit to Demonstrate U.S. Wheat Competitive Advantages to Venezuelan Millers

Quality control and purchasing managers from three Venezuelan flour mills will visit North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Ohio July 31 to Aug. 6, 2016, to learn more about the value of working with the U.S. wheat supply chain

Broadband Availability in Nebraska Increased Significantly 2010-2015

Nebraskas broadband vision is that residents, businesses, government entities, community partners, and visitors have access to affordable broadband service and have the necessary skills to effectively utilize broadband technologies

Feedlot nutritionist boot camp prepares grad students for careers in feedlot industry

August 1 marks the beginning of the third biennial Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp, which will bring 30 feedlot nutrition graduate students from across the country to Amarillo, Texas to learn about the realities of commercial feedlot management.

ADC Enters Pilot Phase for Farm Data Repository

The development of a secure, online repository where farmers can store, manage and control the information generated on their farms took a major step forward as the Agricultural Data Coalition initiated its pilot program.

Cattle Industry Leader focused on policy, politics and pressing forward

Craig Uden, a cattle feeder from Elwood, NE currently serves as President-Elect of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. We talk trade, price volatility and even a little politics.

National Beef to Expand Dodge City Facility

National Beef Packing Company, LLC (National Beef) announced that it is starting a project to increase its capacity to handle and ship boxed beef products at its Dodge City, Kansas facility.

New Video Tells Story of Farmers Commitment to Water Conservation

Recent hot, dry weather has many Nebraska soybean farmers using irrigation to keep their crops on track during a critical stage of development for soybean plants. But its not as simple as turning on a faucet.

First Report of sugarcane aphid in Kansas Sorghum for 2016

The Kansas State Research and Extension Crop Extension Entomology Team has been actively scouting sorghum fields the past few weeks for any infestations of sugarcane aphid, which is a relatively new pest affecting Kansas sorghum Poll

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Contract Month Change Open High Low Last Updated
Corn (P) Sep 2016 +3-2 0-0 334-4 334-4 334-4s 07/29/16
Corn (P) Dec 2016 +4-0 0-0 342-6 342-6 342-6s 07/29/16
Soybeans (P) Aug 2016 +29-0 0-0 1032-4 1032-4 1032-4s 07/29/16
Soybeans (P) Sep 2016 +26-6 0-0 1020-0 1020-0 1020-0s 07/29/16
Wheat (P) Sep 2016 -2-4 0-0 407-6 407-6 407-6s 07/29/16
Wheat (P) Dec 2016 -1-4 0-0 435-6 435-6 435-6s 07/29/16
Live Cattle Aug 2016 -0.250 113.075 113.975 112.800 113.075s 07/29/16
Feeder Cattle Sep 2016 -0.575 139.400 140.800 138.100 138.575s 07/29/16
Lean Hogs Aug 2016 +0.125 69.200 70.150 68.700 68.975s 07/29/16

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